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Cat's Cradle
Cat's Cradle
Cast urethane resin, vintage lamp bases, used books, coated steel beadalon wire, antique venetian glass beads, hardware, two years worth of accumulated domestic objects.
Installation dimensions variable. Installation View at Bristol Art Museum, Brick Gallery

Cat's Cradle is comprised of objects accumulated over a period of two years. It incorporates resin casts of my own, my husband’s and my son’s hands, antique red glass beads, steel wire, lamp bases, found books and hardware. The objects are collected from all parts of our domestic life. The resulting collection was culled from objects found while walking my son in his stroller, rushing to doctor’s appointments, re-examining old projects, receiving strange gifts, and walks on various beaches. The red beads represent our shared bloodline. The life casting and found objects implicitly capture a moment in time, speak to the complexity of artmaking and family, and intrinsically pose questions about culture, value and commodity.