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Tapestry (Paris)
Tapestry (Paris)
Accumulated objects collected in Paris, poly-mesh, monofilament, glue, bamboo
108" high by 96" wide

This large wall hanging was created during my ArtSlant/Georgia Fee Residency in Paris (January through March 2015). While in Paris, I researched the male archetype of Le Flâneur (the quintessential Baudelaire-ian wanderer, the philosophising dandy) but through the a female lens. I explored the city on walks each day as a modern-day Flâneuse, collecting found objects as I went. This work, Tapestry, presents every object I collected during my two month tenure in Paris. They are grouped by color and hand-stitched onto three lengths of open poly/mesh fabric, creating a weightless effect. The work took four months to create: two months to collect in Paris, and two months to assemble back in New York.