Brett Day Windham
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Cypher (Installation view at Smack Mellon, New York), 2015

Installation with accumulated wood platform at Smack Mellon, New York. The two drawings in white frames, hung on the column to the right, depict a map of my daily walks in Sunset Park Brooklyn (top) and my studio calendar from that month, recording when the walks happened and with whom (bottom).

From the Press Release: "In the exhibition Story of a Story, the artists are chroniclers who examine the relationship between language and narrative, truth and fiction, and between narrators and readers/listeners. The works in the show also pay close attention to the interpretive process that in turn offers an extension to the narrative and the work. Story of a Story’s thirteen artists present a range of narratives that are told through painting, sculpture, photography and video."

Story of a Story, At Smack Mellon, curated by Shlomit Dror, is open June 13 - July 26, 2015.