Brett Day Windham
I am thrilled to announce that I will be the Georgia Fee Winter Resident for 2015.

For the two-month residency, I will be embarking on a series of daily walks through Paris. Some walks are solitary. Other walks are collaborative, a duet that includes another artist, writer, musician or critic. Found objects will be collected while walking, and then used as the components for an assembled sculpture - loosely based on the tradition of french tapestry. I will also keep a blog that maps the path taken, records each collaborator and includes photographs from each walk.

Walking through Paris alone and with different partners, collecting found objects for an installation and resurrecting the specter of the dandy flâneur (but as a lady- does this make me a flâneuse?) will serve as an aesthetic anthropological study; and as a survey of what a community accumulates and abandons. I am interested equally in the arcades, the alleyways, the cracks in the sidewalk, and the magic that comes from the unexpected discoveries therein.

Please follow my exploration of Paris at my blog: ArtSlant: Paris Dispatches