Bio & Statement

Brett Day Windham (born Cambridge, England, raised Providence, Rhode Island) is a Brooklyn-based multidisciplinary artist working with sculpture, installation and collage. She received a BA from Hampshire College and an MFA in Sculpture from RISD. Her work has been included in shows around the US, including 2017 exhibitions at The Barnes Foundation (Pennsylvania) and The Bristol Art Museum (Rhode Island). Other venues include Smack Mellon Brooklyn (New York), The Chace Center at the RISD Museum (Providence), Tompkins Projects West (Los Angeles), Cave (Detroit), Lu Magnus (NY), Brooklyn Fireproof (NY), Gallery Project (Ann Arbor), 808 Gallery (Boston), Samsøn Projects (Boston), University of Maine Museum of Art (Bangor), and RMCAD (Denver). Windham received a Dean’s fellowship at RISD, and was nominated for the Joan Mitchell MFA Grant that same year. Residencies she has attended include The Georgia Fee/ArtSlant Residency in 2015 (Paris, France), The Select Fair Residency in 2014 (Brooklyn, New York), The Chrysler Museum Glass Studio in 2013 (Norfolk, Virginia), TSKW in 2010 (Key West, Florida), Cascina Remondenca in 2009 (Chiaverano, Italy), and Penland in 2005 (Penland, North Carolina). Her work has been discussed in Hyperallergic, The New York Times, V Magazine, ArtBlog, Whitewall Magazine, Her Royal Majesty, The Newport Mercury and The Bangor Daily News.

I use color and composition to organize collections of natural, commercial and industrial remnants into multi-disciplinary works which confer a sense of feminism, mysticism and ritual. Specific sets of objects (as varied as discarded dime bags, broken earbuds, mussel shells, feathers, floor sweepings and recycled magazines) hold totemic powers: I am interested in the anthropological stories they tell. Over time, I accumulate these materials from such varied sources as sidewalks, the floors of other artist's studios, or from nature: these time-based collections are then used as components for assembled sculptures, or are photographed, printed, hand-cut and manipulated for collages. The more work I make, the more questions I have.